Lending Library

Books, Tracts, DVD's and other media

Lending Library

All regular attendees at Westview are welcome to check out materials from the Lending Library. CD's of sermon messages and teachings are also available in the Media Library for purchase of $3 each. Open Sunday a.m.

You may also purchase a DVD of the Sunday service which was broadcast on MyTV ($4.00). This DVD also includes the full .mp3 version of the message as well as the previous Wednesday's message.

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Welcome Home

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! Whether you are just checking us out or you are a member of our church family, you are welcome here. Feel free to stop in and visit us anytime.

Westview Church

...is a place where you will find people just like you: people who take care of families, go to work or school, have hobbies, and long for their lives to have significance.

Our Mission

Westview Church is a community of people who are focused on building meaningful relationships, teaching and speading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Westview Church

We are an active, growing, Non-Denominational, Christian church located in a quiet, relaxing, country setting near the northwest side of beautiful Hays, KS.

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Hays, Kansas

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What's in the Lending Library?

Our lending library includes books, CD's and DVD's. Our books include many popular Christian authors as well as a small selection of fiction (Left Behind Series). Our DVD selections include contemporary as well as historical Christian films. Our CD selections include numerous faith teachers and preachers. We also have tracts that can be purchased for personal or outreach use.

Don't forget, all the messages for the past 6 months are available for streaming download here.

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Watch previous messages from Westview Church on Vimeo

Click Here to find several years worth of helpful and inspiring messages from Dr. Wes Oakley and others!

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