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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! Whether you are just checking us out or you are a member of our church family, you are welcome here. Feel free to stop in and visit us anytime.

Westview Church

...is a place where you will find people just like you: people who take care of families, go to work or school, have hobbies, and long for their lives to have significance.

Our Mission

Westview Church is a community of people who are focused on building meaningful relationships, teaching and speading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Westview Church

We are an active, growing, Non-Denominational, Christian church located in a quiet, relaxing, country setting near the northwest side of beautiful Hays, KS.

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Hays, Kansas

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What is R3/R3 Live?

R3 is a ministry geared toward students in Middle School and High School.

The Vision for R3 is to:

  • Restore our students by connecting them into Godly relationships.
  • Refresh our students through daily prayer with the Holy Spirit.
  • To Renew their minds with the Word of God Daily.

We have a seven week discipleship class for New Beginners that takes place at 6:30pm every Wednesday before services. Our goal for discipleship is to lay a firm foundation for our students, and also to get students connected to the Vision for R3. The R3 Discipleship class is headed up by Associate Pastor Brandon Prough.

R3 Live College Ministry is about developing young dependable leaders for today's ministry. We meet every Tuesday here at Westview Church at 8:30. We believe it's important to establish and build on a firm foundation in God's Word.

Camp Awakening

Camp dates are July 6th – July 10th. This is for R3 students grades 6-12. For camp information and to register please visit www.fcf.org. Registration fee is $200 per student.


R3 Lock-in — November
This is a ministry event to our R3 youth and their friends. Last years Lock-In event featured Christian Hip-Hop artist J. Crum & the Radiat3 band. Worship with The Underground Ministry. The Lock-In event began at 8:30pm continuing through 7:00am. at the Ellis County Fairgrounds Schenk building. Breakfast was served & a BIG prize was given to the person bringing the most guests. Lots of food and lots of games.

If you want to participate in this years lock-in, please register by having a parent print, sign and return the Registration Form to Tim Nunnery.

There are several volunteer opportunities associated with the event: you can volunteer to help with the evening or volunteer to be a host for the drivers from the Underground for the evening or volunteer your carpentry skills. If you can help with any of these areas, please contact Pastor Tim after church.


...is an alternative hangout for students who choose not to be a part of the party scene. This night usually takes place on a Friday night from 7 to 11pm. 7eleven is for Middle School and High School Students.

Cost: All students are typically asked to bring Canned Goods// these canned goods will be distributed through the low income housing community the next day by our R3 students.

Place: Westview Church.

Trick or Treat So Others can eat!

R3 students go to their designated communities to pick up canned goods for the Community Assistance Center for Hays and Ellis County.

This event takes place in October.

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