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Here are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions. If we have missed one,  go to the Contact Us page where you will find the email and phone numbers of someone who can give you a direct answer.

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Welcome Home

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! Whether you are just checking us out or you are a member of our church family, you are welcome here. Feel free to stop in and visit us anytime.

Westview Church a place where you will find people just like you: people who take care of families, go to work or school, have hobbies, and long for their lives to have significance.

Our Mission

Westview Church is a community of people who are focused on building meaningful relationships, teaching and speading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Westview Church

We are an active, growing, Non-Denominational, Christian church located in a quiet, relaxing, country setting near the northwest side of beautiful Hays, KS.

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Hays, Kansas

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What denomination are you affiliated with?
  2. What are the tenants of your Faith?
  3. Where does my tithe go?
  4. Do you have adult Sunday school classes?
  5. Do you have a nursery?
  6. How about a cry room?
  7. How long are your services?
  8. Where and when are the Sunday services broadcast?
  9. Where are the restrooms?
  10. Can I make my tithe/offering online?

What denomination are you affiliated with?

  • We are considered a Non-denominational Pentecostal Church affiliated with Faith Christian Fellowship International of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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What are the tenants of your Faith?

  • To lift up Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
  • Check out the About Us page for more details.
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Do you have adult Sunday school classes?

  • Not at this time. We do have classes and fellowship geared for adults on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm. in the main sanctuary.
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Where does my tithe go?

  • Your tithe goes only to support the operations of Westview Church and its missionary contacts.
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Do you have a nursery?

  • Yes, we now have a nursery for both Sunday and Wednesday services.
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How about a cry room?

  • Yes, it is located in the back of the sanctuary, has a one-way glass and sound so you can still observe the service. It also has a changing station and comfortable rocking chair.
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How long are your services?

  • A typical Sunday service begins at 10:30am and ends around 12:00pm. This includes the "Worship Service" which also begins at 10:30am.
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Where and when are your Sunday services broadcast?

  • You can see the full length broadcast on Vimeo or hear the audio stream on iTunes and from our Media Center page. This is where you can find the audio stream of our Wednesday services too.
  • DVD and CD copies of the messages are also available in the Lending Library for a nominal fee.
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Where are the restrooms?

  • Restrooms are located about 30' down the hallway in the East (Women's) and West (Men's) wings as you are about to enter the Sanctuary. There is a handicapped accessible unisex restroom a very short walk down the West wing that has a diaper changing station also.
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  • Yes, you can make a donation, tithe or offering right here by clicking the "Donate" button. You can do this from any page where the button appears. You can also setup a reoccurring offering as well. Once you are in the easy payment site just check the box for reoccurring payment and set the schedule to your liking.
  • Thank You for giving to the Lord!
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